Colon Cleansing: What they’re saying

Fresh Organic StrawberriesI have always heard that colon cleansing was an important thing to do but, there are so many different ideas on what works and what doesn’t that I have never tried it because I didn’t know what to do or who to follow. I really like an article by Dr. Axe that I will be outlining in this post. In it he describes some of the do’s and don’t’s of colon cleaning and detoxing in general.

There is a saying that says, “Death Begins in the Colon”. This is a statement that has been backed up by many coroners who have examined the colon during autopsies to discover extreme toxicity and disease. Americans spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year on medicines and laxatives to treat constipation (which Dr. Axe says “accounts for more that 2 million doctor visits a year”), and other toxic colon conditions. The problem with many of these products and medicines is that they  most often make the condition worse in the long run.

The American Cancer Society has stated that, 569,490 Americans will die of cancer in 2015. That translate into a little more that 1,500 people a day! That number has been increasing every year and is not likely to start decreasing any time soon. We live in a world and country that has the most advanced medical care anywhere in the whole world, yet, there are more people than ever suffering from life threatening conditions like cancer, heart disease, and others.

In his article, Dr. Axe lists off a few of the most common signs and symptoms that your body is toxic and is crying for a detox.

Symptoms that you need to Detox your Body:

  • Constipation
  • Skin problems
  • Gas
  • Irritability, mood swings

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5 Step Liver Cleanse

Hey Everyone! This post is going to be about the video by Dr. Axe that you can see at the top of this page. In it, he talks about 5 step, or things, that we can do to have a happy liver and feel better ourselves. If you watched the video, this post will mostly be a review of what you just saw. But, like everyone knows, repetition makes it stick. So keep reading! I will also be sharing some of my own thoughts and additional information.

First thing that I thought of when I watched this video is, “Why do I need to Detox my liver?” “What good will it do me?”

The liver is basically what ‘detoxes’ the whole body. Blood passed through the liver is cleansed and purified, the liver helps regulate chemicals in the body, the liver creates bile which aids in breaking down fats and carrying away waste, has many immune functions, and many more.

Living with a faulty liver means having all types of ailments. These include skin problems, which have been linked to liver deficiency, as well as the inability to loose weight, and many more.

In the video Dr. Axe shared five things that everyone can do to detox the liver and be more happy.

1. Remove toxic foods.  Dr. Axe says that that obvious first step to detoxing the liver is to remove the things making it toxic in the first place, like processed foods and grains and conventional meat and dairy. He says that these food items, especially conventional meat and dairy, are full of pesticides, herbicides, steroids, other hormones, and many other harmful things. It would be pointless to try to detoxify the liver while still consuming the stuff making it sick

2. Consume liver detoxifying herbs. Dr. Axe recommends taking 3 supplements: milk thistle (200mg daily), turmeric (1000mg), and dandelion. Milk thistle as been used since ancient times to aid in liver detox and is one of the most powerful herbs for overall liver health. Turmeric is high in antioxidants and decreases liver inflammation. And dandelion is high in potassium which helps the liver release toxins and bile for better removal of said toxins.

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Dr. Leonard Coldwell – How to Cure Cancer in Weeks

Okay, so what I want to talk about today is a really cool interview with a very interesting person. His name is Dr. Leonard Coldwell. In his interview, he boldly states that “any cancer can be cured in 2 to 16 weeks.” What I want to do here is briefly analyze some of the things he says that anyone can do to rid themselves of cancer in less that 16 weeks.

The first thing he says is that it is essential to rid the body of acidosis and toxemia. I think that anyone would agree that, if you have cancer, there is obviously something wrong in the body. So, to me, it makes complete sense that the cause of these anomalies would be acidosis and toxemia in the body. How would it not cause sickness in your body?

The next thing he says goes along really closely with the first. He says that we need to get the body alkaline and oxidized, which is basically the same thing as the first but said in a different way. He says that when these things happen, “the cancer stops”. Now I don’t know much about it but I makes sense to me. This is why: when we are sick the body has a low pH (it’s acidic) and a low oxygen level. Sickness cannot live in a highly oxygenized space. So if we alkalize and oxidize the body, simply put, cancer can’t grow or even live for that matter.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell says that during healing, the body should have a ph of 7.5 (when 7.3 is a normal, healthy level).

He then gives some tips to alkalize and oxygenize the body and eliminate cancer.

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What’s Up??

Hey! Thanks for checking out my new website! If this is your first time here then you might want to go over to my about page to get to know me a little more and learn what this site is all about. For this first post I just want to ramble off for a few minutes about a podcast I recently heard from Dr. Axe who I really like. In the podcast Dr. Axe interviews a Doctor named Ben Lynch and talks about what causes autoimmune disorder, deficiencies, and much more.

In the interview Dr. Axe and Dr. Lynch talk about the importance of finding the actual cause of symptoms that so many people have as a result of underlying conditions. Removing the problem, or symptom, is good but, ultimately it does us no good if we don’t know what is really causing the problem.

The average doctor appointment lasts about 15 minutes. During the visit the doctor will ask a few yes or no question (ie. Does it hurt when you….? Etc.) and then tell you what your symptoms are, tell you what medicine you can take, and send you off with a prescription for some drug that will help hide the symptoms of something much much deeper. Dr. Lynch talks about the flaw of this style of diagnosis and outlines how a normal doctor visit should be, to understand the patients health history and get down to the real root cause of the problem. He says, “you gotta start by a solid history” and mentions that he would ask open-ended questions about a patients diet, lifestyle, and exercise, then really listen to find holes and weak spots in the patients life.

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