Dr. Leonard Coldwell – How to Cure Cancer in Weeks

Okay, so what I want to talk about today is a really cool interview with a very interesting person. His name is Dr. Leonard Coldwell. In his interview, he boldly states that "any cancer can be cured in 2 to 16 weeks." What I want to do here is briefly analyze some of the things he says that anyone can do to rid themselves of cancer in less that 16 weeks. The first thing he says is that it is essential to rid the body of acidosis and toxemia. I think that anyone would agree that, if you have cancer, there is obviously something wrong in the body. So, to me, it makes complete sense that the cause of these anomalies would be acidosis and toxemia in the body. How would it not cause sickness in your body? The next thing he says goes along really closely with the first. He says that we need to get the body alkaline and oxidized, which is basically the same thing as the first but said in a different way. He says that when these things happen, "the cancer stops". Now I don't know much [Read more...]

What’s Up??

Hey! Thanks for checking out my new website! If this is your first time here then you might want to go over to my about page to get to know me a little more and learn what this site is all about. For this first post I just want to ramble off for a few minutes about a podcast I recently heard from Dr. Axe who I really like. In the podcast Dr. Axe interviews a Doctor named Ben Lynch and talks about what causes autoimmune disorder, deficiencies, and much more. In the interview Dr. Axe and Dr. Lynch talk about the importance of finding the actual cause of symptoms that so many people have as a result of underlying conditions. Removing the problem, or symptom, is good but, ultimately it does us no good if we don't know what is really causing the problem. The average doctor appointment lasts about 15 minutes. During the visit the doctor will ask a few yes or no question (ie. Does it hurt when you....? Etc.) and then tell you what your symptoms are, tell you what medicine you can take, [Read more...]